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Cooking hot food, any time, any place, anywhere

“When it comes to the end of a long gruelling hike, there’s nothing like a hot drink or hot food to renew your energy resources. The Zip™ Cooking Fuel and Boilex™ Pyramid Stove combination is one of the lightest and quickest ways to cook in any geographic region.”

Bear Grylls 2015

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Into the wild with Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has become known around the world as one of the most recognized faces of survival and outdoor adventure, staring in Discovery channel’s Emmy nominated Man vs Wild and Born Survivor TV series, which has become one of the most watched shows on the planet. Off screen, Bear has lead record breaking expeditions, from Antarctica to the Arctic. He has authored 10 books, including the No 1 Bestseller: Mud Sweat & Tears.

Zip & Bear Grylls have teamed up to launch a newly developed Camping & Cooking Solid Fuel Cube  to heat water for cooking and drinking, and for use in lighting camp fires. Initially designed for military personnel to enable them to sustain themselves in all terrain and extreme weather conditions, it is the perfect fuel for any camping and cooking occasion. The fuel is lightweight, non-toxic, powerful and easy to light in all weather conditions.

Outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel share the same fundamental needs of cooking and keeping warm. The unique formulation, using the latest technologies and naturally derived Biofuel, makes it a highly efficient alternative to more traditional options such as Hexamine, gas bottles and alcohol gels. Zip &Bear Grylls Camping & Solid Fuel cubes can be used with most solid fuel stoves.

Refueling your body with hot food and sustenance has never been so easy when using Zip and Bear Grylls Camping and Cooking Solid Fuel Cubes. Making a fire quickly allows a warm meal to be ready within minutes. Having the right kit at all times will increase survival rates even in the harshest outdoor environments.

For more information on the Zip™ and Bear Grylls product range please contact: enquiries@standard-brands.com




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Outdoor Cooking Challenges

Individuals and families are seeking new and exciting outdoor leisure pursuits that help them ‘get away from it all’. Hiking and camping trips help those who want to return back to nature to enjoy the great outdoors and to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Depending on the intensity of the terrain, on average a person burns over 500 calories per hour, so it is essential that food and liquid provisions are adequately catered for. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to quickly make a fire for a hot drink or warm meal. In many cases this is essential to make the most of new technologies, such  as freeze dried food, which are light to carry and easy to cook when camping or hiking but require boiling water to make them.

From professional backwoodsmen through to weekend campers, the trend has been to take everything that you might need for the trip, with the result that there can be a lot of equipment required to survive outdoors. Everyday luxuries soon end up weighing a lot and can be heavy to carry, even the smallest of distances.

Traditional gas camping stoves are popular, however they are bulky to carry, sometimes unreliable and most locations do not have refill facilities. Open fires are preferred by most when camping, but require locally foraged fuel (wood) to be used and on occasions this may be hard to find and even more difficult to light if in wet and  windy conditions.

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Solutions for the great outdoors

Zip™ and Boilex™ bring to the retail market a comprehensive range of clean burning cooking systems (fuel and stoves) that are lightweight, easy to carry and efficiently cook food and heat water outdoors.

The Zip™ Cooking Fuel c26g cubes, which are based on sustainable, natural biofuel, are individually wrapped to keep the fuel waterproof and odour free so that it can be confidently used in the most challenging locations or harsh weather conditions. Simply light the wrapper to ignite the fuel. The smallest Boilex™ stoves are flat packed and able to be easily tucked into a small pack or personal rucksack. The largest Boilex™ Ultraclean stove, which is one of the cleanest burning stoves available, can use a range of fuels using just one stove. These include high energy density fuels such as Zip™ Cooking Fuel, liquids, such as Kerosene or alcohol gels, and biomass including wood, pellets and dung. These Boilex™ Ultraclean stoves not only cook food and boil water but also have the capabilities of recharging cell phones and powering LED lights.

Our range of modern, lightweight, clean burning cooking systems offers a number of combinations for both the individual outdoor survival enthusiast through to the needs of families camping.

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Just how good are Zip™ Cooking Fuels

Zip™ Cooking Fuel offers significant improvements over the performance of traditional fuels

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Key Advantages

iconPowerful and long burning
iconLightweight and easy to carry
iconNon-toxic and safe for humans and wildlife if accidently ingested
iconSuitable for use in extreme weather conditions
iconLong shelf life
iconClean to handle / clean burn no soot
iconNot classified as hazardous - air transportable
iconEasy to light
iconConsistent quality - made in EU
iconSuitable for outdoor use. Only use indoors with adequate ventilation which means with a ventilation system that carries all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors
iconLow cost
iconNon explosive; can be parachute dropped
iconMaximise fuel power and efficiency
iconLightweight and easy to carry
iconDesigned to reduce smoke emissions
iconDurable and long lasting
iconLow cost
iconSuitable for outdoor use. Only use indoors with adequate ventilation which means with a ventilation system that carries all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors
iconEasy to cook with
iconReduce fuel usage; save on cost / time
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Fuel Choices

Current Fuel Choices

Until now, the choice of fuel and energy technology options available for outdoor, adventure and survival situations has been limited. These traditional fuels have significant weaknesses. These traditional fuels have significant weaknesses.

List A
List B
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Humanitarian Relief

Outdoor - Humanitarian Relief

See our stoves and fuel solutions for Humanitarian Relief.

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Military Cooking

Outdoor - Military Cooking

See our stoves and fuel solutions for Military Cooking.

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