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With the advent of new materials and smarter technologies, Zip™ and Boilex™ have created a complete range of clean cooking systems that meet the current needs of the modern soldier.

Each Boilex™ stove has been uniquely designed to optimise the power and efficiency of Zip™ Cooking Fuel, so food can be cooked quickly and cleanly, making them highly effective alternatives to traditional options such as wood, gas, Hexamine, alcohol gels or Kerosene, many of which present safety and transport issues.

Boilex™ Stoves

All of the Boilex™ stoves are constructed from durable Stainless Steel or Aluminium metal to ensure that the stove is lightweight, easy to use, robust and efficient. They may also all be used with standard-issue pots, cups and pans.

Designed to be flat packed for individual cooking, the Boilex™ Pyramid and All in One stoves are small enough to be carried in a soldiers pocket or backpack. Moreover the All in One stove negates the need for additional cooking equipment as it has an integrated water chamber as part of the stove.

The Boilex™ Ultraclean and Tower stoves are more durable and more powerful to cater for the needs of larger groups of soldiers.

Zip™ Cooking fuel

To fuel the range of Boilex™ stoves, Zip™ have produced a range of cooking fuels that are non – toxic and formulated using naturally derived, sustainable biofuel that burns cleanly with a high calorific value and no sooty deposits. They are suitable for outdoor use. You should only use them indoors with adequate ventilation which means with a ventilation system that carries all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors. They can be used in all weather and climatic conditions from arctic, to desert, to jungle. Since the fuels is not classified as hazardous and is non-explosive it can be air transported to remote locations and parachute dropped as required.

Boilex™ Cooking Systems

The Boilex™ stoves and the Zip™ Cooking Fuel work very efficiently together to deliver optimum water heating and food cooking system solutions for use in any location, by every modern army. They can also be delivered as bespoke solutions to meet all military cooking and fuel requirements.


Our clean burning Boilex™ range of stoves include the following:

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