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Humanitarian Relief

Clean burning cooking solutions that save lives

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Millions of people worldwide are cooking on polluted open fires due to a lack of resources. This smoky environment causes severe health problems, a shocking number of which, turn out to be fatal. Our fuel and stoves provide a clean burning and safe cooking solution to this vulnerable population.

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Humanitarian Cooking Challenges

Around 3 billion people (500m households) cook with smoky fuels on a daily basis, resulting in over 4 million deaths per annum from diseases such as Pneumonia and Cancer, more than AIDS/HIV and Malaria combined. Smoke also causes Cataracts, the largest cause of blindness in the developing world. Being the primary cooks of the family, it is almost always women who are the most affected.

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Traditional cooking methods are also contributing to significant long lasting environmental damage; up to 4 million hectares are destroyed each year in Africa alone, mainly for use as firewood. Open fire cooking also drives people (again predominantly women) to spend up to 3 hours per day putting themselves at risk seeking wood from local forests. This is time that could be better spent on life enhancing activities, such as employment or education.

The launch of our clean burning, smoke free Boilex™ Ultraclean stoves, which are also more powerful than competitor products and use up to 80% less fuel than open fires, could have a profound impact on human life across the globe.Not only do they provide quicker, smoke free cooking, but they provide the convenience of using the cheapest and most readily available fuels, including biomass, such as wood, pellets and dung, and liquids, such as kerosene and alcohol.

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Solutions for any global crisis situation

Our range offers a stove and fuel combination to meet all humanitarian cooking needs.


Zip™ Cooking Fuel is non-toxic and formulated using a naturally derived sustainable biofuel that burns cleanly with no sooty deposits. It is not classified as hazardous and is non – explosive and therefore safe to air transport / parachute drop to remote locations where needed most. Zip™ Cooking Fuel can be supplied in various formats, from bulk packs to handy pocket sizes together with a choice of stoves to provide bespoke cooking and heating solutions.

Our Boilex™ Pyramid stove, used with Zip™ Cooking Fuel c26g wrapped cubes, is ideal for individuals, as it is lightweight and flat packed and could be particularly useful for Aid Workers. Our Boilex™ Tower stove and Zip™ Cooking Fuel c100g blocks are the ideal first response cooking system for small groups in an emergency humanitarian situation. Lightweight and air transportable, they can be parachute dropped in bulk. As camps develop and infrastructure builds, our Boilex™ Ultraclean stove offers the cleanest and safest solution with the convenience of multi-fuel options.

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Just how good are Zip™ Cooking Fuels

Zip™ Cooking Fuel offers significant improvements over the performance of traditional fuels

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Key Advantages

iconPowerful and long burning
iconLightweight and easy to carry
iconNon-toxic and safe for humans and wildlife if accidently ingested
iconSuitable for use in extreme weather conditions
iconLong shelf life
iconClean to handle / clean burn no soot
iconNot classified as hazardous - air transportable
iconEasy to light
iconConsistent quality - made in EU
iconSuitable for outdoor use. Only use indoors with adequate ventilation which means with a ventilation system that carries all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors
iconLow cost
iconNon explosive; can be parachute dropped
iconMaximise fuel power and efficiency
iconLightweight and easy to carry
iconDesigned to reduce smoke emissions
iconDurable and long lasting
iconLow cost
iconSuitable for indoor and outdoor use (providing adequate ventilation)
iconEasy to cook with
iconReduce fuel usage; save on cost / time
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Fuel Choices

Current Fuel Choices

Until now, the choice of fuel and energy technology options available for outdoor, adventure and survival situations has been limited. These traditional fuels have significant weaknesses. These traditional fuels have significant weaknesses.

List A
List B
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Outdoor Adventure & Survival

Humanitarian - Outdoor Adventure

See our stoves and fuel solutions for Outdoor Adventure & Survival.

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Military Cooking

Humanitarian - Military Cooking

See our stoves and fuel solutions for Military Cooking.

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