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Boilex™ Ultraclean Multi Fuel Stove

Fuel Options


The core Boilex™ Ultraclean 1 and 2 stoves are designed to work with biomass (wood, wood pellets, wood chips, dung, twigs and crop waste) that can be sourced locally. The fuel is top loaded into the stove using a chute and ideally has a constant 1-2 inches of fuel in the crucible to operate.

The core stoves can be simply modified with the use of specific metal inserts to enable them to operate with alternative fuels such as High Density Fuels or liquids such as Kerosene. The design of the inserts allows the air to circulate in the stove to maximise the performance of the fuel in use.

High Density Fuels

Locally sourced fuels are not always available and that is why Zip™ have developed their cooking fuel blocks. This fuel is based on a naturally derived, sustainable biofuel that is non toxic and burns cleanly with a high calorific value. It is also air transportable so can be parachute dropped into remote locations when required. The smaller Boilex™ Ultraclean 3 stove is designed to operate only using the high energy density Zip™ Cooking Fuel blocks and is significantly lighter than the other Ultraclean stoves. At c1kg, it is designed specifically for military / expeditionary use.


In some situations liquids, such as Kerosene or alcohols, are the preferred or only fuel options readily available. These fuels are highly flammable and less safe to use when cooking. The core Boilex™ Ultraclean 1 and 2 stoves can easily be converted to burn such liquids, again with the use of a robust metal insert and a wicked canister containing the fuel. The design of the insert allows the air to be sucked away from the centre of the stove to produce a flame that is significantly wider and more efficient when transferring heat to a cooking pot or pan. The enclosed nature of the wicked container also ensures the risk of spillage is significantly reduced.

Micro Business

Not only does the Boilex™ Ultraclean range of stoves have profound health benefits, it is also a potential source of income for local communities. The stoves can provide local commerce opportunities for sales, distribution and production of the stoves and wood pellet fuel. The additional service of charging mobile telephones has also proved to be popular. Traditionally in Africa, such micro commerce is adopted by women, who are empowered to create local employment, improve living standards and are able to further support their families with opportunities such as education or commerce.


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