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Boilex™ Ultraclean Multi Fuel Stove

The advantages of Ultraclean

Clean burn performance.

A Boilex™ Ultraclean stove is categorised as a ‘Forced Air’ or ‘Gasifier’ type of stove. It works by a use of a battery operated ‘fan’ in its base, which is recharged using a solar panel, mains or vehicle battery. The fan blows air up though the sides of the stove cylinder prior to being released into the combustion chamber where it ensures a more complete burn of the fuel. On full power, the stove quickly generates temperatures up to 1000ºc. It is possible to vary the power via a control gauge, which moderates the amount and speed of air flowing into the stove. Being able to control the heat is similar to other cooking methods, such as gas, and is inherently easy to use and more readily culturally accepted. The greater the amount of air, the more powerful the combustion process and the cleaner the fuel burns. The Boilex ™ Ultraclean stoves utilise the latest patented designs to produce a clean burn even at low levels.

This ultra efficient way of burning the fuel results in up to 80% less fuel being needed to cook with (compared to open fires) and up to 40% less fuel than other forced air stoves. This not only saves cost for the user but may also result in significantly less time spent collecting fuel, allowing the user to spend time on more added value tasks.

Unique to Boilex™ is the capability of using many types of fuel, including biomass (wood chips, wood, twigs, dung and pellets), liquids (Kerosene, Methyl Esters and alcohol) and high energy fuels (such as Zip™ Cooking Fuel, alcohol gels and Hexamine), all from one stove. This gives improved convenience to the user and the ability to switch from less efficient or more expensive traditional cooking stove/fuel combinations, many of which are also unsafe, as the table below shows.

Boilex™ Ultraclean stoves make a daily difference - globally


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