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Boilex™ Tower Stove

An overview of the Tower Stove

Tower Stove Overview

The Boilex™ Tower stove is a flat packed stove that is lightweight and robust and designed for people on the move or in non-permanent residences. It is perfect for military or first response humanitarian aid situations.

Made from coated Mild Steel or Aluminium it is designed for multiple uses. To use, simply slot the 4 individual sides together to form a square upright stove. The solid sides of the Boilex™ Tower stove provide valuable flame protection from the wind and create a stable platform from which to cook for long periods of time.

Ideal for cooking food for 1 to 8 people, the Boilex™ Tower stove is sufficiently durable to allow traditional cooking pots to be used.

The stove can heat up to 5L of water in 30 minutes when used with one Zip™ Cooking Fuel 100g block, but can be used with any format of the Zip™ Cooking fuel. The stove can hold weights in excess of 30Kg so more water can be boiled by simply using additional fuel blocks, ideal if catering for even larger groups for multiple meals.

The Boilex™ Tower stove and Zip™ Cooking Fuel block combination produces a clean blue flame that delivers a fast and efficient cook. Any combustion deposits on the stove are few and non – transferable, enabling pots and pans to be used without staining or soot.

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