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Boilex™ All In One Stove

An overview of the All in One Stove

All In One Overview

Originally designed for use in Arctic and mountain warfare survival packs, the Boilex™ All in One stove is a unique, flat packed design that folds out into a stove and cup cooking system - all in one! Made of lightweight Aluminium foil, it is assembled by simply pulling its two corners to create an integral water/food chamber on top with a stand below.

Weighing only c55g, and designed for cooking food for 1 to 2 people, this compact cooking system is easily stored and carried and is the perfect solution for survival and emergency situations. Although designed to be disposable, if stored carefully it may be used multiple times (c5 occasions).

In combination with one Zip™ Cooking Fuel c26g wrapped cube, 500ml of water will boil in c8 minutes. To remove the hot water/food from the chamber, simply pick up the stove by the top corners using the heat insulation tabs (placed across the one unfolded side of the stove) and pour from one of the corners. These finger insulation tabs prevent fingers from being burnt, and the use of the unfolded side gives rigidity and stability on handling.

The integrated water chamber and the honeycomb stove stand of the Boilex™ All in One stove provide stability and valuable flame protection from the wind. It can be used in any weather conditions, ranging from sub zero arctic through to the heat of the desert. The solid sides also help to protect the visibility of the flame inside should this be required when used on military manoeuvres.

Boilex™ All in One stoves are available as individual units or are packed with a supply of Zip™ Cooking Fuel c26g wrapped cubes that create the ultimate survival cooking system.

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