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Zip™ Cooking Fuel

An overview of Zip™ Cooking Fuel

Cooking Fuel Overview

‘Natural, powerful and long burning fuels.'

'Not classified as hazardous and non-explosive, so safe to transport and to parachute drop.'

For over 70 years military and humanitarian organisations around the world have used cooking fuels that pose safety and health risks to human life and the environment.

For example, Hexamine can kill if accidently consumed, alcohol gels are highly explosive and tens of thousands are killed annually from Kerosene fires. Further, over 4 million people die each year as a result of constant smoke inhalation from wood / dirty fires. An alternative clean, safe fuel option did not exist, until now.

Zip™ Cooking Fuel, which is non-toxic, non-explosive, patent-pending and formulated using a naturally derived, sustainable biofuel, burns cleanly with a high calorific value. It is designed to be used outdoors, (but can be used indoors if an adequate ventilation system is in place to carry all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors) and in all weather and climatic conditions, from arctic, to desert, to jungle. It is not harmful to the local environment and, unlike Hexamine, is safe if accidently ingested. It is not classified as hazardous and non-explosive, and is therefore safe to air transport /parachute drop. Used together with the Boilex™ range of patentpending stoves, the fuel burns with an efficient, clean blue flame that leaves minimal transferable deposits on the base of cooking cups, mugs or pans.

The fuel is produced in two standard formats: a larger block format (from c20g to c100g per piece) for group cooking with stoves such as the Boilex™ Tower stove or Boilex™ Ultraclean stoves and a smaller c26g wrapped cube format for individual cooking, for use with the Boilex™ Pyramid stove and Boilex™ All in One stove. Both fuel formats have a shelf life of over four years and are of a convenient size to carry and store. Simply place in the base of the stove and light. The fuel ignites quickly and easily, far more so than Hexamine (the main competitor product, which releases toxic Hydrogen Cyanide compounds when burning).

The smaller sized cube is covered with an ignition wrapper, which also ensures the product is odourless and waterproof. Just one c26g wrapped cube is enough to boil 500ml of water or cook an MRE; additional cubes can be added for further meals and drinks as required.

The larger block is pre-scored into 6 (x c100g), 10 (x c26g) or 20 (x c20g) pieces, depending on power needed. One c100g block is sufficient to boil up to 5 ltrs of water with the Boilex™ Tower stove in around 30 minutes to cook a meal for 1 – 8 people. This is the ideal fuel format to use when needing to cook for a group or family.

Zip™ Cooking Fuel can be supplied in various sizes from bulk packs to handy pocket sizes or packed together with a suitable Boilex™ stove. Together they create a comprehensive range of versatile water heating and food cooking systems, which can be delivered as a bespoke solution to meet the needs of outdoor survival, humanitarian and military sectors.

Just how good are Zip™ Cooking Fuels


Zip™ Cooking Fuel offers significant improvements over the performance of traditional fuels


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