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Zip™ Cooking Fuel

‘Natural, powerful and long burning fuels.'

Awarded the Best Power & Energy Product of 2013

An overview of Zip™ Cooking Fuel

Cooking Fuel Overview

‘Natural, powerful and long burning fuels.'

'Not classified as hazardous and non-explosive, so safe to transport and to parachute drop.'

For over 70 years military and humanitarian organisations around the world have used cooking fuels that pose safety and health risks to human life and the environment.

For example, Hexamine can kill if accidently consumed, alcohol gels are highly explosive and tens of thousands are killed annually from Kerosene fires. Further, over 4 million people die each year as a result of constant smoke inhalation from wood / dirty fires. An alternative clean, safe fuel option did not exist, until now.

Zip™ Cooking Fuel, which is non-toxic, non-explosive, patent-pending and formulated using a naturally derived, sustainable biofuel, burns cleanly with a high calorific value. It is designed to be used outdoors, (but can be used indoors if an adequate ventilation system is in place to carry all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors) and in all weather and climatic conditions, from arctic, to desert, to jungle. It is not harmful to the local environment and, unlike Hexamine, is safe if accidently ingested. It is not classified as hazardous and non-explosive, and is therefore safe to air transport /parachute drop. Used together with the Boilex™ range of patentpending stoves, the fuel burns with an efficient, clean blue flame that leaves minimal transferable deposits on the base of cooking cups, mugs or pans.

The fuel is produced in two standard formats: a larger block format (from c20g to c100g per piece) for group cooking with stoves such as the Boilex™ Tower stove or Boilex™ Ultraclean stoves and a smaller c26g wrapped cube format for individual cooking, for use with the Boilex™ Pyramid stove and Boilex™ All in One stove. Both fuel formats have a shelf life of over four years and are of a convenient size to carry and store. Simply place in the base of the stove and light. The fuel ignites quickly and easily, far more so than Hexamine (the main competitor product, which releases toxic Hydrogen Cyanide compounds when burning).

The smaller sized cube is covered with an ignition wrapper, which also ensures the product is odourless and waterproof. Just one c26g wrapped cube is enough to boil 500ml of water or cook an MRE; additional cubes can be added for further meals and drinks as required.

The larger block is pre-scored into 6 (x c100g), 10 (x c26g) or 20 (x c20g) pieces, depending on power needed. One c100g block is sufficient to boil up to 5 ltrs of water with the Boilex™ Tower stove in around 30 minutes to cook a meal for 1 – 8 people. This is the ideal fuel format to use when needing to cook for a group or family.

Zip™ Cooking Fuel can be supplied in various sizes from bulk packs to handy pocket sizes or packed together with a suitable Boilex™ stove. Together they create a comprehensive range of versatile water heating and food cooking systems, which can be delivered as a bespoke solution to meet the needs of outdoor survival, humanitarian and military sectors.

Just how good are Zip™ Cooking Fuels


Zip™ Cooking Fuel offers significant improvements over the performance of traditional fuels

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Features & Benefits

IconPowerful and long burning
IconClean to handle / clean burn - no soot
IconNon-toxic and safe for humans and wildlife if accidentally ingested
IconNot classified as hazardous / suitable for air transportation
IconEasy to light
IconLong shelf life
IconLightweight and easy to carry
IconConsistent quality – made in the EU
IconLow cost
IconSuitable for outdoor use
(may only be used indoors with adequate ventilation to carry all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors)
IconNon-explosive / can be parachute dropped
IconSuitable for use in extreme weather conditions
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Options & Key Facts


Available in the following pack options (note that burn times are with a passive Pyramid and Tower stove; our powerful Ultraclean stove burns with a fraction of the times mentioned).

* In still weather conditions.
** At date of manufacture.
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Other Fuel Choices

Current Fuel Choices

Until now, the choice of fuel and energy technology options available for outdoor, adventure and survival situations has been limited. These traditional fuels have significant weaknesses.

List A
List B
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Product Performance

The table below shows the performance of one cube of Zip™ Cooking Fuel with a Boilex™ Pyramid stove compared to a similar sized cube of Hexamine and a Tommy Cooker.

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Zip™ Cooking Fuel

‘Natural, powerful and long burning fuels.'


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much fuel do you have to use?

It varies depending on the stove used, climatic conditions and altitude – and of course on how much water needs boiling, or the quantity of food that needs to be cooked. The large humanitarian fuel block is designed to boil 5L of water on a Boilex ™ Tower stove in c30mins, the smaller wrapped fuel cube will burn for 18-20 minutes but is designed to boil 500ml of water with a Boilex ™ Pyramid stove in c10 minutes (both in ambient conditions). Details by stove can be found in each of the separate stove pages or brochures.

What type of metal pot / pan can you use?

Any pots and pans can be used.

Is the cooking fuel waterproof?

Yes. If soaked, the Zip ™ Cooking Fuel cubes/blocks simply need to be shaken vigorously to remove the excess water and are then ready for immediate use. To support this, we have soaked the fuel (in block and wrapped cube format) in sea water for a week and it lit immediately.

How long does the cooking fuel burn for?

This varies by format. The 26g Zip™ Cooking Fuel wrapped cubes burn for 18-20 minutes, the larger Zip™ Cooking Fuel block formats burn for c30 minutes.

Where can I buy them?

The easiest place to find out where to purchase is via our website enquiry sheet or review the stockists’ page on this website.

How much do they cost?

The prices set will be set by your local retailers. If wishing to order direct, please email keiron.francis@standard-brands.com

Is there a help line number that I can call for assistance?

Yes, there is a contact number. Please call 01372 230655.

When and where can I use the fuel?

For indoor use with adequate ventilation and outdoor cooking, in most climatic conditions, including desert, Arctic and mountains.

Is the fuel safe for children to use unsupervised?

We do not recommend any component of a cooking system, including the fuel, is left unsupervised in the presence of children or pets.

How much ventilation is required if I use it indoors?

To use indoors there must be adequate ventilation to carry all exhaust gases and fumes outdoors; it should never be used in an enclosed space.

Can the fuel be used at high altitude?


What do you use to light the cooking fuel?

A naked flame, such as a lighter or match, or an electronic lighter, such as a car cigarette lighter.

What happens if the fuel gets wet?

Zip™ Cooking Fuel cannot be damaged by water. Simply dry the fuel or shake vigorously to remove the water; the fuel can then be lit immediately.

Can the fuel be used in all weather conditions?


Do I need any other equipment to use them?

Pots and pans for cooking, and the required utensils. A lighter or matches for lighting the fuel.

Is the cooking fuel toxic?

No. Zip™ Cooking Fuel is non-toxic and does not constitute a life hazard if it is accidentally consumed by humans or wildlife. 

Are there a list of ‘don’ts’ when using the stoves or cooking fuel?

Store all fuel out of the reach of children and pets. Don’t leave the stove unattended when in use. Never use in an enclosed space that does not allow exhaust gases and fumes to escape outdoors. Always use outdoors or with an adequate ventilation system that carries fumes outdoors. Keep on a stable surface from which it cannot fall. Please adhere to the warnings on all packaging.

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